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MVHD800C VI Singapore Cable box Dreambox DM800 HD800C DVB-C Support Nagra3

  • MVHD800C VI  Singapore  Cable box Dreambox DM800 HD800C DVB-C Support Nagra3
  • MVHD800C VI  Singapore  Cable box Dreambox DM800 HD800C DVB-C Support Nagra3
  • MVHD800C VI  Singapore  Cable box Dreambox DM800 HD800C DVB-C Support Nagra3
  • MVHD800C VI  Singapore  Cable box Dreambox DM800 HD800C DVB-C Support Nagra3
  • MVHD800C VI  Singapore  Cable box Dreambox DM800 HD800C DVB-C Support Nagra3
Model No.︰MVHD800C-VI
Brand Name︰MVHD
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

[BPL+HD channels +all other channels] Singapore Starhub box MVHD HD800C-VI+Youtube+WIFI+Nagra3 Can get BPL+HD channels MVHD800C VI   

MVHD HD800C-VI Support new system of Singapore.  Support Cardsharing,Support Youtube, Support Nagra3 IPTV. Support WIFI 


Hotspot:   MVHD HD800C-VI --The ONLY Set Top Box that already support N3 currently(for all other old models,the factory is still working on the solution for Nagra3)  

This the only HD Box with WIFI + Youtube built-in for Singapore Starhub Cable TV. This is the main difference from FYHD.


MVHD HD800C-VI Features:
Support Nagra3,BPL and almost all HD channels;

Ethernet network, WIFI function,  IPTV,Youtube
Multi media playback, Recording function
1080P HDMI output
WIFI function.

The new increasing program:

  • 200 Sports Channels
  • 207 ESPN News
  • 208 ESPN
  • 209 STAR Sports
  • 210 ESPN HD
  • 852 ruyi

This HD model can be used in Singapore directly.

1 .When U Receiver The Box,plug internet and starhub signal

     Go menu ,the first icon ,Press 1458  Then go The 5Th icon will show out the X-funtion

      If donot show ,that Means You do it Wrong,Pls Do it again until The X-funtion Come Out!!!

2 Press X-funtion Set Like as Follow?then Do auto search will Got all channles:)

3 Remember Don't Do factory reset and Don't delete Anything,because Icam been installed in New Box,without it ,u must send back the box to fix!


MVHD800C function introduction

1.Singapore Starhub Set top box HD MVHD800C-VI Receiver

2.Increase network, WIFI function support network sharing sharing

3.Simplify search program function

4.Increase the movies on demand YOUTUBE YOUPORN function

5.Support pumpkin 3 (NAGRA 3) function and card read (reserve)

6.Support multimedia broadcast PVR function(recording function)

7.Support the highest HDMI output 1080 p

Main functions:

MVHD800-C VI HD receiver

(1) Also Easy to upgrade the software by inserting a U disk to the USB interface at the back.excellent after-sales

(2) This machine is a card-free three-digitoriginal synchronization HD machine, suitable for general consumer use.

(3) The machine is also can be used as a player, play pictures, MP3 songs

(4) With channels including.


  • Fully Compliant with DVB-C/MPEG-2
  • Powerful LSI single chip
  • Support Conax/LynxCrypt/irdto CAS
  • Up to 1000 channels memory space
  • 6 language OSD support (English,Spanish,french,Slovak,Hungary,Chinese)
  • Support QAM 16/32/64/128/256 mode



  •    Standard:DVB-C EN300 429
  •    Input Frequency:50 860MHz
  •    Input impedance:75
  •    Input level: 10dBmV-20dBm

Video Decoder

  •    Standard:ISO  IEC 13818-2, MPEG-2 MP

Starhub Channel List:

101 Preview Channel
102 Channel 5
103 Channel 8
104 Suria
105 vasantham
106 Channel NewsAsia
107 Channel U
108 okto
115 KBS World
118 TV1
119 TVR1
122 MNC-The Indonesian Ch
123 Sensasi
125 Zee TV
127 Sony Entertainment Televi
130 Zee Cinema
133 SUN TV
136 Vannathiral
139 Asianet
140 Channel i
144 The Filipino Channel
146 Arirang TV
147 NHK World Premium
151 Russia Today
152 TV5 Monde
153 Deutsche Welle
155 HD5


200 Sports Channels

201 SuperSports Arena

202 SuperSports

203 SuperSports Plus

205 Eurosport

206 Eurosportnews

207 ESPN News

208 ESPN

209 STAR Sports

210 ESPN HD 

201 SuperSports Arena
202 SuperSports
203 SuperSports Plus
205 Eurosport
206 Eurosportnews
207 KIX
211 Racquet Channel
213 Golf Channel
215 All Sports Network
222 Football Channel


226  mioStadium 102

227 (HD) mioStadium 102
228 (HD) mioStadium 103
229 (HD) mioStadium 104
230 (HD) mioStadium 105
231 (HD) mioStadium 106
232 (HD) mioStadium 107
233 (HD) mioStadium 108

231 Cricket Extra
232 Neo Cricket
235 Ten Sports
245 Channel 245
246 Channel 246
255 Sports HD
256 All Sports Network HD
288 Horse Racing Ch88
289 Horse Racing Ch89
301 JimJam
302 BabyTV
303 Cbeebies
311 Playhouse Disney
312 Disney Channel
314 Nickelodeon
315 Boomerang
316 Cartoon Network
403 Crime & Investigation
404 The Biography Channel
407 BBC Knowledge
411 National Geographic Chan
422 Discovery Channel
423 Discovery Science
424 Animal Planet
425 Discovery Home & Health
426 Discovery Turbo
427 TLC
432 BBC Lifestyle
433 Food Network Asia
435 Asian Food Channel
441 E! Entertainment
442 The Style Network
443 Fashion TV
446 truTV
447 Australia Network
458 Nat Geo Adventure HD
459 Nat Geo Wild HD
461 Discovery HD WORLD
468 Food Network Asia HD
502 FX
505 FOX
511 AXN
512 Universal Channel
515 WarnerTV
521 BBC Entertainment
522 DIVA Universal
523 itv Granada
525 AXN Beyond
526 Syfy Universal
531 Channel [V]
532 Animax
533 MTV Asia
535 Nat Geo Music
555 STAR World HD
556 FX HD
558 FOX HD
559 AXN HD
601 HBO
602 HBO On Demand
603 HBO Signature
604 HBO Family
605 HBO Hits
611 MAX
615 MGM
616 Turner Classic Movies
618 Thrill
622 STAR Movies
623 STAR Movies on Demand
624 FOX Family Movies
655 HBO HD
662 STAR Movies HD
701 BBC World News
702 Fox News Channel
707 CNBC
708 Bloomberg Television
711 CNN
712 CNN Headline News
722 CCTV News
801 CCTV-4
805 Phoenix Chinese Channel
806 Phoenix InfoNews Channel
824 tvN
825 E City
826 E City (+2)
827 CTI TV
828 TVBS Asia
829 TVB 8
832 JET TV
833 Asia Travel
838 TVBJ
839 Demand TV-TVB Drama[HD]
845 MTV China
847 [V] Taiwan
848 [V] China
851 TTV World
852 Ruyi Hokkien Channel On
855 VV Drama
856 VV Drama(+3)
858 TVB Classic
859 TVB Xing He
866 STAR Chinese Movies
867 Chinese
868 Celestial Movies
869 Celestial Classic Movies
880 Demand TV-TVB Drama
888 KaraOK!
897 Playin TV
899 Interactive TV



1. Q: Is it ready to use,just plug and play?
    A: Yes, everything pre-installed,with all channels and functions built-in, no need any setting,just plug and play!
2. Q: How do set up the box?
    A: After power on the box,just use your remote controller,[MENU]-Installation-Auto Search, then you can watch all channels.
3. Q: What if missing some channels like local channels?
    A: First,do factory reset to the box -[MENU]-Tools-Factory Setting,then reboot and auto scan again. If still miss some channels,then manual scan the frquency of those channles.
4. Q: How to update new channels if Starhub broadcast new channels?
    A: Just do auto search to update all channels.
5. Q: Does this box have recording function?
    A: Yes,it can record any program you like,just plug in your USB hard disk,then press the red button to record when watching TV.
6. Q: Can it be tracked by Starhub?
    A: Can not,it is just a receiver,no sending any data to Starhub.
7. Q: Is it free shipping? by UPS or DHL? How long it takes to deliver?
    A: YES! Usually,we ship it free shipping by UPS/DHL/Fedex  with tracking number,just taking
 3-4 days to arrive after you place order.
8. Q: Is it safe to pass through the customs in Singapore? Any tax charged on me?
No customs problem at all! We declare it as media player gift with low value like 20USD,you don't need to pay any tax!
9. Q: How do i know if there is new software to update? How often will be that?
    A: Usually,when starhub changes a lot to the channel list,we will upgrade the software for all new.About 4 months for a big upgrade. We will send the software and step by email then.
10. Q: Can i get technical support for the box? if problem,any warranty for this box?
      A: YES,we provide full technical support for all our products,you can contact us via online chat below orby mail. And you enjoy 
one year warranty to exchange from us. After sending back to us,we will get a new replacement for you.


*Fully Compliant with DVB-C and HD,264,AVC

Support MPEG-2MPEG4

* SPDIF output

* HDMI portup support to 1080ioutput

*Support EPG

*Support QAM16QAM32QAM64QAM128QAM256

Demodulation mode

* Automatic PAL / NTSC

Support CAS smart card interface

Full Function Remote Control

Support CATV and MMDS

Master-Slave function

*Support VBI and OSDOSD wordsLCN functions

*Single Scarts and Y/Pb/Pr port

*Multi languages support

 * Embedded Loader modem to support automatic upgrade and Loader

protection funtion

 Up to 1000 channels memory space

* 4 LED show

*Small power use

* OAD optional

*Support USB software upgrade/media player and recording optional

* RF optional

Warranty Year: One Year!!!
Website: www [dot] hk-tht [dot] com  

Tel: 0086-13424313874

QQ:  735046764

Email: ecmonkey12[at]gmail[dot]com
MSN: tht02[at]hotmail[dot]com

Yahoo: ecmonkey123[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]cn

SKype: ecmonkey123

Gmail: ecmonkey12[at]gmail[dot]com



Payment Terms︰T/T,Western Union,MoneryGram,Paypal
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